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Daily Photo Journal

A blog dedicated to my daily morning walks with my camera travelling to random Sussex locations.
I photograph picturesque Sussex villages, Sussex landscapes and everyday life on the streets of Sussex.
You can find a curated selection of these photos in my  portfolio

Hamsey 38

Hamsey Village 2

Back in Hamsey this time heading to the island where you can find what some call the ‘Hamsey Island Plague Church’ –

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Hamsey 19

Hamsey Village

According to legend the villagers of Hamsey locked themselves in a church and starved to death during the plague –

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Henfield 17

Henfield 2

In Henfield where according to ‘There are fine houses, easy parking, decent restaurants and a comfortable pace of life’ –

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Barcombe 8


In Barcombe Cross where the locals fled from the old village to escape the Black Death –

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Newick 25

Newick 2

Out in Newick this morning famous for its high-quality ladies’ gloves –

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Fulking 2


In Fulking today which is home to a 19th century hydraulic ram –

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Woodmancote 28

Woodmancote 2

Back to Woodmancote where if you look hard enough you can find a stand of oak maidens –

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Cuckfield 3


In Cuckfield where the guy who wrote the Doctor Who theme tune used to live –

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Woodmancote 11


In Woodmancote today where two residents were burnt at the stake by Bloody Mary in 1556 –

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Cuckfield Road 5

Cuckfield Road

Car troubles this morning forced me to take a walk down the B2036 which turned out to be more interesting than it sounds –

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Chailey 14


Out in Chailey which used to be Chagley and is rumoured to be the inspiration for the ’60s children’s show Chigley –

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Fletching 19

Fletching 2

Back to Fletching for a second helping where famous historian Edward Gibbon died in 1794 –

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Fletching 1


In Fletching today where Simon de Montfort prayed at the local church before the Battle of Lewes in 1264 –

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Slugwash Lane 9

Slugwash Lane

Took a stroll down Slugwash Lane which is rife with marsh frogs and has a riot of meadowsweet –

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Newick 16


Today I was in Newick where Dirk Bogarde once took to the stage –

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Poynings 18


Today’s outing was to Poynings a medieval village situated at the base of Devil’s Dyke –

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Pyecombe 9


Out and about in Pyecombe today which is a village split in two parts apparently due to the plague –

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Lewes Part 7 #3

Lewes 7

Another relaxing morning in Lewes hanging out with the locals and snapping up some eclectic goodness –

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West Chiltington 17

West Chiltington

A jolly jaunt around the musical village of West Chiltington made famous by the Silver Band in 1908 –

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Having a nosey round Staplefield this morning where a vicar was sent packing for not believing in God –

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Warnlinglid 2

A sunny winter’s morning brought this colourful village to life as I went back to Warninglid for a second day –

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A very brief trip to Warninglid this morning. I’ll be back tomorrow to see what else this quaint Sussex village has to offer –

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On the outskirts of Henfield this morning which is the proud owner of a single fire engine –

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Shipley #16


Shipley was recommended by someone I met on my travels so I thought I’d take a look –

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Wineham #10


A sunny winter’s day in a quiet Sussex village called Wineham –

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Twineham #1


Starting my day at St. Peter’s Church and then took a wander through the small village of Twineham –

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Offham #6


I’ve passed through Offham a few times on the way back from Lewes and decided to head out there this morning to see what it’s all about –

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Lewes Part 5 #2

Lewes 5

Back in Lewes again on a rainy Sunday morning. Lots of good chat with the locals and a few street portraits to add to the mix –

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East Chiltington #10

East Chiltington

Venturing out towards Plumpton Green I stumbled upon East Chiltington. A quiet little farming community out in the sticks –

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Streat Feb 1 #7

Streat Lane

Starting at the south end of Streat Lane making the most of a slightly overcast day in one of my favourite Sussex villages –

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Ditchling 9


Exploring Ditchling village where Dame Vera Lynn lived for almost sixty years –

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Lewes Jan 9 #12


Out in Lewes today for a change of pace from the countryside –

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Clayton 1 #2


A beautiful little Sussex village tucked away just outside of Hassocks –

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Jack And Jill Jan 4 #2

The First Six Days

After a year out from street photography I’ll be posting new photos every day as part of my Daily Photo Journal –

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Fletching 19

Fletching 2

Back to Fletching for a second helping where famous historian Edward Gibbon died in 1794 –

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